Wednesday, August 1, 2007


image "borrowed" from this photo log created by someone named Jeff.

It's only been since Friday that I posted most recently and yet I feel as though I have neglected this blog. Strange.

I've been spending way too much time hanging out on other people's blogs, making a complete and utter nuisance of myself... opinionatedness all over the place. Soon there will be installment two of Beautiful Silhouettes and I have several other posts in the works.

In the meantime for you fellow history lovers check out:

Beautiful Silhouettes, part 1 regarding the early work of Lotte Reiniger.

Or check out the small but fascinating online archive of Ken Harris' work.

Or take a trip in the way-back-machine to watch a cool sample of Buster Keaton's work and read some thoughts on learning from this master of movement and performance.

For those of you curious about my work:

We have glacial movement in my acting performance work.

Some performance improvement through a good critique that forces the issue of timing and spacing.

Some animation tests geared towards what I teach.

And completion of my second animation test for the same.

Or just some life drawing examples from this spring.

And definitely check out this awesome "video" tutorial on the meaning of COPYRIGHT and fair use put together by Eric Faden.

All of my commenting on other peoples blogs seems to be driving more people to this location. I'm getting hits from places like Brazil, England, Germany, France, India, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and Japan just to name a few. Thank you to everyone who bothers to stop by and check out this spot. Very flattering to think in what distant locations my musing are traveling. Stay tuned. I have plenty more to come including more samples of my own work current and past.



blauereiter said...

The power of the internet...and sitemeter. Im also amazed by the wide nationality of visitors who come to my site.

Erik Westlund said...

Amazing yes, and it feels good to know that there are others in distant places who appear to care about the same things as do I. Very rewarding.

On the other hand, Sitemeter is evil. Its become an addiction.

davidmaas said...

Well, damn.
That's too exact a fit not to be somehow intentional. Just... odd. Coming from advertising, its no shock to see this, just... its surprising to have a subliminal message so ininspiredly in-line with the film's overt tone.
Imagining a film that might build on hidden messages contradicting the apparent film makes me mourn this film's potential even more.

Erik Westlund said...

Yes David, its just too obvious not to be intentional. I mourn the films potential as well.

Unfortunately, I didn't do a good enough job of explaining that my disappointment is base on the tremendous respect I have for the work being done at Blur. If you go back to the comments under the Poses Pushed a Little Too Far post you will find a rather curt rebuttal to my critique from someone claiming to have worked on that short.

It seems I have made at least one enemy (if not more) at Blur who thinks my opinion, developed absent having worked on anything of that status myself, is "unwarranted and unwelcome."

In other words, I have voiced a 'dangerous opinion'. Here I thought animators welcomed feedback because you never know from where your next insight towards improvement will come.

Oh well.