Friday, August 10, 2007

Dry Erase Power

The pen is mightier that what? Oh.


I'm just having too much fun watching this playful stream of consciousness go to work. Thought others might too.

Thanks goes out to David Walden for having this You Tube link hanging around on his blog.

I like to find out about the people who create things that I enjoy, so I found it a little frustrating when trying track down the source of this work. The artwork was created by someone who's other cool works are to be found at the vaguely identified blog of ljudbilden & piloten. I guess thats first initial followed by last name. Who knows? No profile is available as far as I can tell. Don't ask me why some artists want to stay semi-anonymous by positioning themselves behind handles, cryptic ids, and/or pseudonyms.


The animation was created as a music video for minilogue. That would be Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson.

Follow the links for ljudbilden & piloten if you like the visuals. Follow the links to minilogue if you like the sounds. Enjoy.



tedesi said...

I thought that was great - I really enjoyed it.

Erik Westlund said...

That's good to know tedesi. Its been pretty popular on You Tube. Lots of positive comments... lots of love expressed to the animator(s).

Check out the animator(s) blog. There more examples of this work.