Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Student Work

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Created by Dara Elerath

New Mexico Symphony Guild Ball - Dara Elerath from The Art Center Design College on Vimeo. Dara is a Senior at the Art Center Design College in Albuquerque majoring in Visual Communications.

Our branch campus in Albuquerque, NM was contacted with a request for help on behalf of a non-profit client, New Mexico Symphony Guild. Above is one of the two winning submissions created by our students pro-bono.

Animation instructor Aaron Barreras turned loose both sections of his AN307 Motion Graphics class on this project allowing each of his students to create a version of this promotion for the New Mexico Symphony Guild. With 21 individual commercials to choose from thanks to all of our talented students, the New Mexico Symphony Guild Ball organizers had a difficult time choosing a single spot to run. So much so, they ended up choosing 2 spots to run. The winning students, Dara Elerath and Ryan Salway, will have their commercials (shown above) aired on all Comcast channels in New Mexico.

There is no learning experience like that of working for real clients. The pro-bono Membership promotional project completed here in Tucson for The Loft Cinema last January was a very eye-opening and inspiring experience for the students involved. Another project for The Loft here in Tucson is underway, as well as other community-based creative projects moving forward in Albuqueruqe, NM. Reaching out to the community has been a real boon for our students, and I can't count the number of blessings that have rolled back to us in response.

In case anyone is wondering, as a policy, The Art Center Design College only accepts requests for pro-bono projects from community-based, charitable/non-profit clients. We don't want our students undercutting professionals in the field, many of whom teach at our school. That would be both ethically wrong and stupid beyond belief. After all, we are training professionals. -e