Friday, June 29, 2007

What the heck is...


Okay, this is just too cool for words. Others have linked to this in the past. I just think it needs to be celebrated as much as possible.

And for that matter... what the heck is fair use?

Good question.

Well... its not a right, but a legal defensible position.

Anyone (like me) who has had their creative work credited to another or who (like me) wants to share the creative work of others without harming the original author, will find this informative if not useful. More importantly, if (like me) you are concerned that the coercive influence of corporate America is eroding the foundation of creative copyright for reasons that have nothing to do with protecting the intellectual property of the inventive individual... then I present to you an argument crafted by Eric Faden. Enjoy.



blauereiter said...

Hello Erik, thanks for the link to my blog. I have just added yours too. I've only scanned through your blog but will come back often to read more.

Erik Westlund said...

Hello blauereiter, and thank you. I am honored. I hope you what you find here has value.

Best wishes.