Monday, May 21, 2007

Glacial Movement

I've returned to working my two current and unfinished animation projects lately. The first is a heavy lift that I needed some expert advice regarding the technical aspects of competitive power lifting. That project appears to be back on track. The other pictured above is a dialog (or rather monologue) piece that I started 6 months ago and then put aside.

I'm still at a very rough blocking stage with this one and I am working on adding a few more subtle movements, trying to add some counter movement, small timing fixes, and cleaning up my arcs. The gestures around "my body is just a vehicle..." are still too big and sloppy.

Audio is John Lithgow from 3rd Rock from the Sun and the character model/setup is called Alfred created by, or rather adapted by, Rodri Torres from the Lowman rig by Miguel G. Viñe.

Post a comment if you care to and tell me what it needs.



matthew said...

Love John Lothgow, he's got some great stuff in Buckaroo Banzai.

Erik Westlund said...

Buckaroo Bonzai! Great stuff, I forgot about that movie complete. Its been a long time since I've watched that one.

Nice suggestion, I'll have to go get a DVD of it and watch it again.