Sunday, February 24, 2008

Suspended Animation

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The Fall, Claire Burbridge © 2005 (date?)

Ok, so the ice has broken and I am finally back to blogging again. When I last posted I was living in Raleigh, North Carolina and only a few days away from driving cross country in a whirl wind single weekend of change in both work and living environs. Now, I'm living and working in Tucson, Arizona. In all the furious effort involved in jumping into my current role here in Arizona I allowed this blog to simply languish.

Strange thing is my readership and blog traffic appears to have grown nearly five-fold since August 2007 and now. All I can say is wow! Between Kate, Sean, and some very insistent curiosity originating somewhere in Portland, Oregon I have been shamed out of my intransigence and am now back to typing about my thoughts, observations, the work of others, and the occasional example or two of my own work. I have plans to start showcasing some student here work as well. Good stuff so, stay tuned.

For now I present the work of the British born artist Claire Burbridge who creates in South London where she lives and with her husband and their son. I don't know Burbridge personally but found her sculptures intriguing. I discovered them by google-ing the words that make the title of this post. I back tracked to her portfolio website and found her bio interesting and appropriate in parts to the subject of animation. My original online query lead me to the image below which is of her work Suspended Animation, currently represented at Davis & Cline Gallery located in Ashland, Oregon. hummm... Oregon.

Suspended Animation, Claire Burbridge © 2001 A nice run cycle cast into sculpture.

I thought it was starting to make a nice circle, or maybe a spiral, posting art work found in the same state where so much recent interest in this blog has blossomed. This circle also includes google which is largely responsible for so much increased traffic at this blog.

Lesson: if you blog and want some traffic, or maybe a lot, post on a variety of subjects and then link like crazy to related sources on your topics. It works really well! Just look at my ClustrMaps on the right.

Ok, for whoever cares, I'm back at it. More to come soon. No more ridiculously long lapses. Oh, and thank you everyone who has stopped by repeatedly over the past six months.