Friday, July 13, 2007

A How-To...

by Keri Smith.

Boy, do I identify with #2. Yeah. Yep.

If you like that one - the how-to - then scoot on over to Keri Smiths illustration website and check out her "play" section. There is indeed some fun stuff to be found.




blauereiter said...

Just thinking about Marcel Duchamp gives me a headache, those art history classes I use to have in school. :] Still, enriching and informative post. Will you be posting the animation test for aniBody ?

Erik Westlund said...

Yes blauereiter, I have and I will. The "Rigging Anybody" post has a few early samples. More to come.

Sorry, you feel the way you do regarding Duchamp. He was ahead of his time. Much of the "Postmodern" in the 60's can be traced to the influence and ideas of Marcel Duchamp.

Never underestimate the power of a urinal, turned on its side, and signed with the name "R. Mutt".


All the best.