Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cool? Yes. But, will it blend?

Sure, the iPhone is sleek, beautiful, a cool to play with... but:

Who knew that the iPhone had such remarkable additional qualities. Wow, those boys and girls at Apple must think of every contingency. I have to say that blender is definitely up to the task. Frighteningly so. For those interested in seeing what else 'blends' there is an entire website devoted to the subject:

Will It Blend?

I was surfing through blogs by way of Halcyon Realms when I came across the above YouTube link. It took a little surfing but I found Zero had a link to the geeky IT mag GameAxis. Yeah, that's how I found it. I need to get a life, or just start acting like I have one.

Halcyon Realms is a beautiful blog by-the-way. Vong Yungchow is quite the talented and accomplished artist who seems to attract attention from a lot of other interesting people. Here is a photographer I found thanks to posts and comments at Halcyon Realms:

Laurie Jackson:
Parallel Universe and Capture This




blauereiter said...

What a waste...a perfectly good Iphone...

Erik Westlund said...

For me that's what makes this amazing. The audacity of taking a perfectly good iPhone and tossing it into a blender that is obviously up to the challenge... because...

...he can.