Monday, December 6, 2010

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Teaching is one of the best ways I've found for learning... that, and being under pressure in a production environment. If you have done one or the other you know what I mean. If you done both you know that each is as challenging as the other.

I originally started this blog years ago essentially as a release valve for all the thoughts, ideas, sketches and discoveries I was making. A public journal of what I have been learning and thinking while also teaching the subject at the college level. As a byproduct the site has gotten attention for some of the tutorials I created for students and various acquaintances.

Its a lot better than getting attention for mouthing off about some odd looking double pose found in an animation short film. There have been a few other surprises along the way including the positive attention received for my approach to web design for a portfolio website and interest from students of Ravensbourne in the UK. I've been too busy to return the positive attention from previous blog posts.

Blogging here will continue sometime in the future when I am only working one full-time job instead of two.

In the meantime I've been putting together examples of work completed by our students which I will continue to post here and video tutorials for those getting started in Maya. Those tutorials are being added to a new blog site called Animation Process. I invite anyone reading to check out this new instructional blog, the Vimeo page for our Animation Department and a nice college news and events blog managed by Emmett Hamilton.

The video tutorials found at this new site are extremely rudimentary and created in most cases to be less than 5-minutes in length. There is an art to brevity. Currently I have a few videos describing UV mapping, texturing, and working with lights in Maya.

Check back for more examples of student work before I return to my original purpose for this site. A special thanks to the followers of this blog.


davidmaas said...

Hi Erik! Long time!
Rings very true. If my students learn half as much as I do, they've done well for themselves!

I now blog both at my (paleo stuff, speedpaints) and over at the AWN blogs (production, teaching, reviews).

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