Sunday, May 27, 2007


On his blog Keith Lango is gushing about the quality of lip-sync animation done at Aardman. I don't blame him one bit! That's Aardman who's name begins with a double letter 'Aa' for extra animation goodness. And as it turns out, all a shmutter!

In his post on the subject Keith Lango also ranks his favorite studios as Aardman first (in part because of Stefan Marjoram), Pixar second, and StudioAKA third (because of Marc Craste). I would also add a shout out to the work of Philip Hunt at StudioAKA, for his extraordinary weirdness and playful artistry, and to Jakob Schuh and Saschka Unseld of the StudioSoi for just being too damn cool for words.

Its funny, the number of times he posts opinions and I find he is saying the things I've been saying. Its weird, like we grew up drinking water from the same well or something.

In that vein I would like to follow Keith Lango's example by including a link to the Lip-Sync tutorial created by Stefan Marjoram a while back. It uses a little of the audio from his short Deadline linked to above and includes a very rudimentary rig to play with in Maya... for you Maya people.


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