Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Life Drawing

About one year ago my busy life got a lot busier. In between then and now I wrote two parts of an intended 5 part tutorial on walk cycles which became quite popular at this site, got promoted to the lead position in my department, and held down my old job while simultaneously working my new job.

I am not about to claim that all of this has all been accomplished in top form. I will claim that I am still standing.

Something that I have managed to do is continue with life drawing studies thanks to the Fine Arts department at my school.


SeanC said...

very nice! glad to see you're able to continue with this! Nice definition of form through simple marks - especially in the bottom two.

david maas said...

He's back!

Hope to see more. My blog is now, btw.


Erik Westlund said...

Hi Sean. Thanks for the compliment. The bottom two are about 5 minutes or less each. I find I do better with short poses although the proportions can get a little funky sometimes.

David! Well, for the time being at least. I've got another blog in mind where I might start devoting more energy. I like Funny name. Easy to remember. Looks like some old posts got resurrected. Nice stuff. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers. -e